Connect Devices was founded in 2016 by technology entrepreneur Jonathan Marshall and technology security expert Callum Wilson to create and develop innovative internet security technologies capable of protecting individuals and corporations from the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

Our SecureSmart mobile app scans your network using patented technology to identify the types of devices you have and then determines how safe they are using a simple SecureSmart Score. If a device has been found to have risks; then we’ll tell you why and also how to resolve them.

Our patented scanning technology, funded by a SMART:Scotland grant award, provides real time device recognition and dynamically matches those devices to all known security vulnerability data. The mobile app relies on our cloud hosted system that uses our own machine learning algorithms to learn how to identify devices on a network so that we can provide the consumer with accurate information; with every scan – it learns more.

Data collected from these scans provides vital research tools for Connect Devices’ growing number of business and government customers.

We have presented our findings at conferences such as IoT Security Foundation, B-Sides Edinburgh and CyberUK alongside the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) showcasing the data gathered from the SecureSmart app.  Our data intelligence provides an insight into the age, vulnerability and support life of IoT devices across the globe.